Welcome to CASA SAN PABLO,
a bed and breakfast in San Pablo City, Laguna.

Nestled in the first class city of Laguna, Casa San Pablo is where you can come for inspiration and creativity. It is a bed and breakfast, events venue, and art space in one. Here in Casa San Pablo, you can relish a unique vacation experience in our bed and breakfast, have a productive and effective team building experience at our conference venues, and unleash your inner creativity through the different art activities we offer.

For significant and heartfelt celebrations, Casa San Pablo remains to be one of the best Laguna Wedding venues you can find. Ideal for romantic pair escapes and stays for soon-to-be wedded couples, Casa San Pablo features captivating spots surrounded by beautiful greeneries ideal for families and friends.

Casa San Pablo provides a unique experience as it is designed to allow couples as well as big groupa to comfortably find an escape away from home where they can relax, rejuvenate, learn and celebrate without the stress of the hustle and bustle that the city brings.

Also an art space, Casa San Pablo provides not only a space to exhibit crafts and works of artists, writers, musicians, designers, performers, filmmakers, as well as individuals, family, groups and corporate crews, but also a learninga environment for local public school teachers, students, and the happy and warm residents of San Pablo City, Laguna.