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Get Up Close to the Exquisite Heirloom Images at the San Pablo Good Friday Procession


The delicate ivory face of the Mater Dolorosa image with crystal tears
A moving larger than life image of the crucified Christ by Guillermo Tolentino

The Good Friday Procession at San Pablo is an unforgettable experience of pageantry, piety, and family traditions. If you are spending Holy Week with us, we highly recommend you join us on our Good Friday Procession tour. The tour will include the following:


  • We will give you an overview of the procession which will point out different layers of the experience and highlight the images to watch for
  • We will take you on a private visit to the place where the Escudero family prepares their carosas for the procession. This will give you a rare chance to see the magnificent images up close and give you an idea of the preparations involved.
  • We will show you a video presentation of traditional Lenten rituals in Laguna and Pampanga
  • We will visit the San Pablo Cathedral where the procession begins.
  • We will take you to a good vantage point to watch the procession.




The schedule will be as follows:


9:00 AM – Overview presentation at Casa San Pablo

10:00 AM – Visit to the Escudero preparation area

12:00 PM – Back for lunch at Casa San Pablo

1:00 PM – Free time

4:00 PM – Take our position at the procession route

7:00 PM – End of the procession

8:00 PM – Dinner at Casa San Pablo


Except for the drive to the Escudero place, most of the tour will be on foot. We recommend you be prepared by:


  • Wearing comfortable walking shoes.
  • Bringing a hat or a cap.
  • Bringing drinking water
  • Bringing a folding stool to watch the procession (optional)
  • Wearing sun block.





You will need to take your own vehicle to the Escudero compound and to the San Pablo Cathedral. We will provide car passes. Kindly let us know if you will need a ride, so we can make arrangements. An extra fee will be charged for the tour. Call or txt 09178126687 for reservations.

The pieta by famous santero Ireneo Cristobal.