Art Space

Casa San Pablo is transforming itself into a community art space that provides living, working, and exhibition space for artists, writers, musicians, designers, performers, and filmmakers, as well as individuals, families, and corporate teams needing creative re-charge.

Our mission is to be a clearing for inspiration, creative encounters, and sharing of ideas. Our efforts are rooted in the hope that our guests and resident artists can contribute to, as well as be enriched by, the intrinsic artistry of our town’s people. We are committed to nurturing art appreciation and artistic pursuits in our hometown San Pablo City, Laguna, and to foster our identity as a blossoming creative city.

To bring our mission to life, we have four initiatives:

  • We offer Artist-in-Residence Programs that will allow cross-learning opportunities between the artists and our local public school teachers
  • We offer an Art Appreciation Enrichment Program for San Pablo City public school teachers handling Music, Arts, and Physical Education in junior and senior high school
  • We offer regular and by-request Creativity Workshops for Casa San Pablo guests, public school teachers, and San Pablo City residents
  • We offer space for Art Exhibits and Performances

Follow the Dream
As you can tell, we have a soft spot for artists and public school teachers. Why? Because they are in the unique position to inspire young people everyday. We like that and we want to help ignite their passion so they can make a difference for many more young people. We believe one great teacher can change the lives of her students simply by allowing them to discover creative possibilities. Imagine that impact multiplied to different students, across several classes, batch by batch, year on year. We are looking forward to a slow but steady burn that will eventually lead to creative citizens playing strategic roles in the sustainable development of our city. Yup, that’s the big dream.

Happily, many artists are inspired by our dream. They are coming to San Pablo not only to enjoy the tranquil surroundings of our inn and enjoy our food, but also to re-charge their creative spirits through the workspace we provide and the opportunities to inter-act with other artists and teachers. We have artist friends from the visual arts, performing arts, as well as artisans and storytellers who have agreed to come for the chance to inspire. Our Art Appreciation Enrichment workshops are designed to give the teachers tools to appreciate a particular art form through dialogue and demonstrations by the artists.

The ARTBarn is the main hub of our creative activities. It is a multi-use space ideal for workshops, exhibits, events, and intimate performances. All over the Casa San Pablo compound — from the B&B to the Café and our gardens — the creative spirit finds expression as well. Our clay storyteller painting corner is a favorite stop among guests who just want to dip in and out of art activities. Of course guests are welcome to join the workshops, too. For a minimal fee, you can be part of the learning fun. When the eagerness to share and the eagerness to learn come together, magical things can happen.