Kuwentong Barbero

When we chanced upon this barber’s chair at a thrift shop, we just had to have it because a barber’s chair evokes a special kind of storytelling.

“Kuwentong barbero” happens in that special moment when you pause from your daily grind to surrender to the comfort of the high back chair and allow yourself to be regaled by the man with the scissors. For some, the kuwento is rambunctious, exaggerated, and hilarious — all terribly entertaining because the tales are just so unbelievable. For others the stories come in juicy whispers, dripping with innuendos, packed with hidden secrets — all so addicting because credibility hinges on the say so of the chain of other clients who have taken the chair before you. Before you know it, you are contributing your own stories to the chismis chain or you have fallen asleep to the rhythm of his banter. Either way, you come away with new perspectives on life.

You can find the barber chair in the screened porch of Room 18 at Casa San Pablo. Come and stay for kuwentuhan.