Room 15

Located on the second floor, above the main dining hall, the large dorm room can accommodate eighteen guests in bunk beds. The high ceiling makes the room feel spacious despite the number of people. It has glass doors with a view of the garden outside and a wrap-around porch where people can relax and mingle. An oil painting by Wire Tuazon called ‘A Place of Nothingness’ provides a thought-provoking accent to the room.

  • Ten double deck beds
  • Option adjoining room: six double deck beds and one single bed
  • Air-conditioned
  • Two toilet & two shower areas with hot water
  • Option adjoining room: two toilets and one shower with hot water
  • TV


NUMBER OF PAX Day Stay with LUnch and PM Snacks
18 pax in a room P1,250 per head

Check in time: 8:00am • Check out time: 5:00pm

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