Room 7

Located on the second floor in the southeast wing of the building, this room is of an intimate size, ideal for solo occupant or for couples. The bed is a bit smaller than a twin size bed. It also has a writing desk. A quaint screened balcony overlooks the main pavilion and the pathways to the Casa.

We’ve named this room after San Pablo-born poet Rofel Brion, our teacher, friend, and matchmaker. In the 1980s, he opened up his dorm room at the Ateneo de Manila to host writing workshops, poetry readings, evenings of singing and of meaningful conversations. Through these gatherings, he inspired many of his students to be writers. Meaningful friendships also blossomed with him and around him. We hope you too will find the inspiration to write as you stay in this room. It has its own private balcony with a view of the garden below.

  • One twin-sharing bed
  • Air-conditioned
  • One toilet & shower area with hot water
  • Flat-screen TV


NUMBER OF PAX Day Stay with LUnch and PM Snacks
1pax in a room P1,650 per head
2pax in a room P1,500 per head

Check in time: 8:00am • Check out time: 5:00pm

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