Team Building Under the Acacia

Teambuilding Under the AcaciaWe are often told that one of the reasons why groups enjoy having their teambuilding activities Casa San Pablo is because there is enough room to be flexible. I like to think that our place is what you make it. Its beauty and creativity are drawn out by people who are willing to think out of the box and enjoy life’s little surprises.

Take the College of St. Benilde’s student leadership seminar conducted at Casa San Pablo this week. They had originally booked our poolside air-conditioned pavilion for their seminar, but when their program director, the charismatic Mel Lazatin, saw the wide open spaces, she decided to conduct their afternoon session under the ancient acacia tree.

The students had their discussions under a natural canopy of leaves, with a grass carpet, a soothing summer breeze, and the serenade of birds. It was a different experience for these urban jungle students. Every so often, they would pause from the discussion to listen to a boisterous humming bird or to point out a black and orange butterfly fleeting by. “That’s the real thing, ” Lazatin would say. “Not just a recording or some prop.”

Curiously, the method they used for their seminar is the latest in planning session technology called Open Spaces groups—it’s a method that recognizes that everyone has some expertise or experience to contribute and provides all participants opportunities to participate in the way they think best. It was wonderful to watch them having such passionate discussions under our acacia tree.