Terms & Conditions

1. Guests are required to deposit full payment before reservation can be confirmed. Only 50% of full payment may be refunded if booking is cancelled. If booking is cancelled on the day of supposed check-in the deposit will be forfeited.

2. Guests must present their confirmation letter and a valid ID upon check-in. Check-in time is 11:30 AM, and check-out time is 10:00 AM. Guests who arrive earlier than the check-in time can stay in the lounge area and can begin using the facilities while waiting for check-in time. Special arrangements for check-in and check-out time can be arranged depending on availability of rooms. Subject for approval by the management.

3. 7. No charge for kids below 2 years old. Half-rate (from the published rate) for kids below 8 years old.

4. Key deposit is required at P500 / key, refundable upon checkout. Remote control deposit of P500/room is required as well.

5. Casa San Pablo’s veranda is now a free wi-fi zone.

6. Bringing in of food and drinks, including snacks are not allowed.

7. Casa San Pablo provides towels for the guests. Toiletries, however, are not included in this package.

8. Bringing in of pets in Casa San Pablo is subject to management’s approval.

  • An additional payment of P500 per pet is required for maintenance.
  • A waiver must be signed by the pet owners upon checking in waiving CSP of any liabilities, harm, damaged caused by the pet.
  • Casa San Pablo may, at anytime, request the pet owners and his/her pet to leave the premises if need be.
  • All pets must be on leash when outside the guest room/s.
  • The owners agree to pay damages incurred, cost of which is to be determined by CSP management.

9. CSP has the prerogative to charge a premium over and above the standard rate for special dietary requirements.

10. All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

11. For rebooking requests after full payment is confirmed by the bank, an email will be sent if you want to re book to a different date/ or different room.