A Tour on Heritage Design & Architecture at Casa San Pablo

“ALL DESIGNED OBJECTS, WHETHER conceived by an architect, artist, or designer tells a story.” This was the premise of the vintage design-appreciation tour conducted by innkeeper/clay artisan An Mercado-Alcantara at Casa San Pablo for 40 interior design students from Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technologies October 3, 2013. The stop at Casa San Pablo was part of a heritage design and architecture tour created by Ms. Tina Decal of Kulinariya Tagala.

Casa San Pablo was the first stop on their itinerary which also took them to the Gala-Rodriguez ancestral house in Sariyaya, Quezon, and to the Graceland Country Club in Lucban, Quezon. On their stop at Casa, they had a sumptous breakfast of San Pablo longanisa with binalot na adobo at kanin. The students were given a 15-minute lecture on how to distinguish between nostalgia, vintage, and antique collections. After which, they were given a tour of the inn, highlighting the vintage pieces that evoke stories.

The Vintage Design-Appreciation Tour within Casa San Pablo is available for groups of at least 6 pax. You may call 0917-8126687 to book a tour.